Community members urged to fight local wind energy projects

February 13, 2013

By Sarah Frank


(NORWOOD) Prior to 2009, Barb Ashbee and her husband didn’t have any objections to wind turbines.

After 133 wind towers went up near their home, northwest of Toronto, Ms. Ashbee says she and her husband started experienced stomach aches, ringing in their ears, heart palpitations and cognitive and memory problems. Both started to suffer headaches of varying degrees, presumably caused by the constant noise made by the turbines and the resulting vibrations they could feel throughout their home.

Ms Ashbee was one of several people who spoke about various health complications which could arise as a result of industrial wind turbines at a community information session in at the Norwood Townhall on Feb. 13.

More than 60 people came out to the meeting to learn more about the possible health implications of living near wind turbines, which could pop up in the area in 2014. Zero Emission People, who currently have eight wind farm projects operating or in the works, are planning to build “Wind Farm Collie Hill,” which will consist of three wind turbines on County Road 2 between Hastings and Keene. The towers will be at least 100 metres (more than 30 stories) high.

Ms Ashbee says she and her husband could hear and feel vibrations from the turbines in their home.

“Some days were worse than others,” she says, adding her pets were also distraught by the low-frequency noise. “Our dog would sit in the middle of the living room and whine.”


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