The Great Green Wind Scam’s Web of Lies

forestJanuary 1, 2012
The Maine Woods

A Publication of the Forest Ecology Network




Table of Contents:
The Villains of Mountaintop Industrial Wind – page 3
The Great Green Wind Scam – page 5
Wind Integration: Does It Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions? – page 6
Wind Power Won’t Cool Down the Planet – page 7
Why the Wind Industry Is Full of Hot Air – page 8
A Letter to the Department of Environmental Protection – page 10
Industrial Wind Update – Municipal and Legal – page 11
Nature of the Noise Issues – page 12
Wind Projects in Maine – page 16
Real Estate Values and Grid-Scale Wind Energy Facilities – page 18
Is There an Environmentalist in the House – page 21
Flaws in the Wind Power Permitting Process – page 22
Thoughts on Climate Change, Energy, and Forests – page 30


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