Wild Land News special issue: wind farms gone wild

June 24, 2013 – This special extended issue of Wild Land News focuses on wind energy developments in Scotland, questioning their value as a method of tackling climate change and uncovering the damage they do to Scotland’s landscapes, environments, species and communities. It includes articles by:

John Constable – Renewable Energy Foundation
Sharon Blackie – EarthLines magazine
Clive Hambler – University of Oxford
Christine Lovelock – Artists Against Wind Farms
Ian MacLeod – Institute of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland
Frank Hay – Sustainable Shetland
Jack Ponton – Professor of Engineering
Helen McDade – John Muir Trust
Pat Swords – Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist
Christine Metcalfe – Avich & Kilchrenan Community Council
Ken Brown – Environmental consultant and lecturer
John Mayhew – Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland
Fraser Wallace – John Muir Trust

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